The 2015 UK General Election Expenses Investigation #ToryElectionFraud



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AuthorityWiltshire Police
xMP:Michelle Donelan xMP
Agent:Tom Skinner
Articles - subject of:
   26/05/16 - Sitting MP and former MP Duncan Hames to be investigated over election expense
   17/05/16 - Tory Expenses - Chippenham Bus Busted
   15/05/16 - Tory MP’s Battlebus Problem
Articles - mentioned in:
   25/05/16 - Devon & Cornwall police given more time to investigate Tory election expenses allegations
   20/04/16 - Tories admit they failed to declare thousands in election spending for RoadTrip battlebuses
   29/03/16 - Conservative MPs ‘broke the law to win the 2015 general election’