The 2015 UK General Election Expenses Investigation #ToryElectionFraud


Lynton Crosby - Sir

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Name:Lynton Crosby
Role:Party Election Strategist
Case Status:unknown
Articles - mentioned in:
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   23/03/17 - The inside story of the Tory election scandal
   31/05/16 - A whistleblower exposes a major new allegation in the Tory election fraud scandal
   15/05/16 - What are the likely consequences of Tory electoral fraud?
   15/05/16 - Tory party chiefs personally approved election expenses rules which are now being investigated by police
   14/05/16 - 'Tatler Tory' faces election costs inquiry
   21/04/16 - New evidence Tories bankrolled local activists in marginals
   22/01/16 - Ramsgate ‘sleazebuster’ refers Tory £14,000 hotel bills to Kent police