The 2015 UK General Election Expenses Investigation #ToryElectionFraud


Jake Berry xMP

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Name:Jake Berry
Constituency:Rossendale and Darwen
Authority:Lancashire Constabulary
Case Status:no further action
Tweets - subject of:
   04/05/15 - The backdrop is a little slice of Lancashire! @RoadTrip2015 #BattleBus2015 @KulveerRanger @ROSSENDALEFORME
Articles - subject of:
   27/04/17 - Rossendale MP Jake Berry in the cleared in election expenses investigation
   02/06/16 - MPs are linked to Tory battlebus expenses enquiry
Articles - mentioned in:
   23/06/16 - Election Expenses Exposed (long article)
   29/02/16 - Busted: The 29 Tories and how they 'broke General Election spending rules'