The 2015 UK General Election Expenses Investigation #ToryElectionFraud


David Cameron xMP

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Name:David Cameron
Role:Prime Minister
Case Status:unknown
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   02/05/15 - THANK YOU to #Team2015 members for your amazing backing this weekend. With your help, we'll secure a brighter future.
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   13/05/16 - Police asked to investigate Conservative election letters
   13/05/16 - Police called in to investigate David Cameron letters as election fraud probe grows
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   15/05/16 - Tory party chiefs personally approved election expenses rules which are now being investigated by police
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   09/05/16 - Police probe east Runcorn MP election expenses
   21/04/16 - Exclusive: West MP denies wrongdoing after election overspend claims
   20/04/16 - Tories admit they failed to declare thousands in election spending for RoadTrip battlebuses
   29/03/16 - Conservative MPs ‘broke the law to win the 2015 general election’
   29/02/16 - Tory MPs 'broke election laws' by failing to declare battle bus spending to win marginal seats
   23/02/16 - 'No police action' over Conservative by-election overspend claims
   26/04/15 - Revealed: the Tories’ plan to up their ground game in the final 10 days with ‘Battlebus 2015’