The 2015 UK General Election Expenses Investigation #ToryElectionFraud


Theresa May xMP

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Name:Theresa May
Role:Home Secretary
Case Status:unknown
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   05/05/15 - Home Secretary joins Midlands #Battlebus2015 for the second time, this time in Erewash to campaign for @mthroup
   30/04/15 - Fantastic to have the Home Secretary join Midlands #Battlebus2015 in Broxtowe today campaigning for @Anna_Soubry
   30/04/15 - Thank u @TeamBroxtowe15 #Team2015 @Conservatives topped by @David_Cameron outstanding on QT
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   05/05/15 - boygogne Dagens kampanj kan sammanfattas så här. Grym dag med skiftat väder. Men underbart folk och härlig bild framför #Battlebus2015 #fmsfUK #team2015
Articles - subject of:
   18/07/16 - Theresa May: Is Tory Election ‘Fraud’ Her First Sleaze Scandal?
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   08/05/17 - Prosecutors to reveal if they'll charge up to 30 Tory MPs with election fraud THIS WEEK
   28/03/17 - 13th police force sends files on alleged Conservative law-breaking to the CPS
   23/03/17 - The inside story of the Tory election scandal
   16/03/17 - Two Tory MPs reveal CPS is reviewing their election spending
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   28/02/17 - Election Expenses: New emails reveal PM’s top aide in central role in local campaign
   15/11/16 - Is The Tory Election ‘Fraud’ Story About To Blow?
   19/10/16 - Police drop investigation into MP Barwell’s election expenses
   22/01/16 - Ramsgate ‘sleazebuster’ refers Tory £14,000 hotel bills to Kent police