The 2015 UK General Election Expenses Investigation #ToryElectionFraud

Unknown Status

Karl McCartney xMP

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Name:Karl McCartney
Agent:Rachel Storer
Return:available here - courtesy of The Daily Mirror
Authority:Lincolnshire Police
Case Status:“insufficient evidence”: CPS
Tweets - subject of:
   04/05/15 - It may be a bank holiday, but Midlands #battlebus2015 is out in force in Lincoln for great candidate @karlmccartney
   04/05/15 - The Midlands #Battlebus2015 team supporting @karlmccartney outside @LincsCathedral today #VoteConservative
   04/05/15 - .@RoadTrip2015 @gregsmithsw6 @EmmaPidding @kellysmithuk 'Happy Days' was feeling nostalgic for The Fonz...
Instagrams - subject of:
   06/05/15 - rjo_co Probably my favourite day of #battlebus2015 in #Lincoln (partly because I'm visible in the photo) Photo credit to @indiabinley
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   03/06/16 - Lincolnshire Police launch official investigation into alleged election fraud
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Spending Summary:

Long Campaign

(19th December 2014 to 29th March 2015)
Spending limit:£ 34862.02
Agent's name:   Rachel Storer
Types of payment
Unpaid claims:£ 0.00
Disputed claims:£ 0.00
Value of notional spending:£ 16855.04
Payments made:£ 3425.92


£ 20280.96
Categories of spending
A. Advertising:£ 550.72
B. Unsolicited material to electors:£ 13723.03
C. Transport:£ 0.00
D. Public meetings:£ 0.00
E. Agent and other staff costs:£ 3786.11
F. Accommodation and administration:£ 2221.10

Total election spending:

£ 20280.96

Total amount of personal expenses:

£ 586.00

Total value of donations accepted:

£ 20280.96