The 2015 UK General Election Expenses Investigation #ToryElectionFraud

Unknown Status

Craig Mackinlay xMP

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Name:Craig Mackinlay
Agent:Nathan Gray
Constituency:South Thanet
Return:available here - courtesy of The Daily Mirror
Authority:Kent Police
Case Status:unknown
Tweets - subject of:
   07/05/15 - Great day out in Thanet South campaigning with #Battlebus2015 for @cmackinlay
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   01/06/16 - Tories' bid to block fraud inquiry into election spending: MP and his agent attempt to stop police being given more time to investigate claims
   18/02/16 - The Tories WILL be probed by the elections watchdog over allegations they wrongly declared hotel bills in the election battle to stop Nigel Farage entering Parliament
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   20/01/16 - Electoral Commission witness statement 11 pages, 8.1 MB - Channel 4
Spending Summary:

Short Campaign

(30th March 2015 to 7th May 2015)
Spending limit:£ 15016.38
Agent's name:   Nathan Gray
Types of payment
Unpaid claims:£ 0.00
Disputed claims:£ 0.00
Value of notional spending:£ 2070.66
Payments made:£ 12767.11


£ 14837.77
Categories of spending
A. Advertising:£ 3155.70
B. Unsolicited material to electors:£ 8741.96
C. Transport:£ 0.00
D. Public meetings:£ 300.00
E. Agent and other staff costs:£ 1216.66
F. Accommodation and administration:£ 1423.45

Total election spending:

£ 14837.77

Total amount of personal expenses:

£ 25.00

Total value of donations accepted:

£ 14837.77