The 2015 UK General Election Expenses Investigation #ToryElectionFraud



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AuthorityNottinghamshire Police
xMP:Mark Spencer xMP
Agent:Ben Bradley
Articles - mentioned in:
   23/03/17 - The inside story of the Tory election scandal
   23/06/16 - Election Expenses Exposed (long article)
   23/05/16 - Police given extension to investigate two Nottinghamshire MPs over expenses fraud accusation
   15/05/16 - Tory party chiefs personally approved election expenses rules which are now being investigated by police
   09/05/16 - 20 Tory MPs named as facing police investigation over election expenses
   09/05/16 - Election expenses: Nine of the Tory MPs being investigated named
   09/05/16 - Police probe east Runcorn MP election expenses
   06/05/16 - Tory election expenses: police announce investigation
   21/04/16 - New evidence Tories bankrolled local activists in marginals
   29/03/16 - Conservative MPs ‘broke the law to win the 2015 general election’
   02/03/16 - Tory MPs respond to claims they overspent on elections
   29/02/16 - Tory MPs 'broke election laws' by failing to declare battle bus spending to win marginal seats
   29/02/16 - Busted: The 29 Tories and how they 'broke General Election spending rules'
   20/01/16 - Electoral Commission witness statement 11 pages, 8.1 MB - Channel 4