The 2015 UK General Election Expenses Investigation #ToryElectionFraud


Nottinghamshire Police

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Notes:Complicated, circular referencing, contact.
Players (3):
Robert Jenrick MP - (Newark Upon Trent)
Anna Soubry MP - (Broxtowe)
Mark Spencer MP - (Sherwood)
Articles - subject of:
   23/05/16 - Police given extension to investigate two Nottinghamshire MPs over expenses fraud accusation
   13/05/16 - Election expenses fraud accusation could see an investigation into Nottinghamshire MP by police
Articles - mentioned in:
   16/03/17 - Two Tory MPs reveal CPS is reviewing their election spending
   15/03/17 - Tory election spending claims: 12 police forces pass files to CPS
   28/05/16 - 19 police forces have or want a legal extension to investigate Tory election expenses
   15/05/16 - Tory party chiefs personally approved election expenses rules which are now being investigated by police
   07/05/16 - Minister dragged into fraud probe: 23 MPs are accused of failing to declare thousands of pounds spent on election campaigns
   23/02/16 - 'No police action' over Conservative by-election overspend claims