The 2015 UK General Election Expenses Investigation #ToryElectionFraud


Will Quince xMP

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Name:Will Quince
Agent:Tom Cunningham
Return:available here - courtesy of The Daily Mirror
Authority:Essex Police
Case Status:DROPPED
Notes:His short return comprises just 8 pages with no evidence of invoices relating to over 9k of spending.
Articles - subject of:
   15/03/17 - Tory election expenses probe has deepened with police interview of second Conservative MP
   08/06/16 - MP Will Quince facing investigation into electoral spending
Articles - mentioned in:
   15/03/17 - Tory election spending claims: 12 police forces pass files to CPS
   08/06/16 - Yet another police force appeals for more time to probe Tory election spending
   09/05/16 - 20 Tory MPs named as facing police investigation over election expenses
Spending Summary:

Short Campaign

(30th March 2015 to 7th May 2015)
Spending limit:£ 12944.00
Agent's name:   Tom Cunningham
Types of payment
Unpaid claims:£ 0.00
Disputed claims:£ 0.00
Value of notional spending:£ 2945.34
Payments made:£ 9516.17


£ 12461.51
Categories of spending
A. Advertising:£ 557.95
B. Unsolicited material to electors:£ 10152.56
C. Transport:£ 0.00
D. Public meetings:£ 65.00
E. Agent and other staff costs:£ 1500.00
F. Accommodation and administration:£ 186.00

Total election spending:

£ 12461.51

Total amount of personal expenses:

£ 0.00

Total value of donations accepted:

£ 12461.51