The 2015 UK General Election Expenses Investigation #ToryElectionFraud


Essex Police

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Players (4):
Robert Halfon xMP - (Harlow)
Mary Macleod - (Brentwood and Isleworth)
Will Quince xMP - (Colchester)
Giles Watling - (Clacton on Sea)
Query:Dear Essex Police

I have been following the 2015 General Election Expenses Investigation on which has collected, collated and cross-referenced a large amount of publicly available data regarding what is popularly known as #ToryElectionFraud. Your police authority features on the site because Robert Halfon MP (Harlow), Mary Macleod - candidate (Brentwood and Isleworth), Will Quince MP (Colchester) & Giles Watling - candidate (Clacton on Sea) are part of your 'patch', so to speak. The Essex Police page is here -

I assume you are fully aware of the truly nationwide scale of this issue but you may find it useful to remind yourselves by taking advantage of the 'broad view' that the data on the site provides. A number of sources suggest your organisation may have ongoing investigations but, with only a few weeks to go before the deadline expires, I have grown concerned at the ominous silence regarding your endeavours. I would appreciate it if you would help alleviate my, and many others, concerns and provide me with a brief outline of the current state of your researches. Thank you for your time, I look forward to your reply.
Response:Thank you for your message to Essex Police regarding the investigation concerning the 2015 Election campaigns, Essex Police investigated allegations about Mr Will Quince MP. These allegations were treated with the upmost seriousness recognising the impact that they have on the democratic process. However, the investigation concluded that there was insufficient evidence to bring any prosecution against Mr Quince, in that he had correctly recorded his expenses return and the matter which has been brought to our attention were related to the then Prime Ministerís visit to Colchester. As such the cost of that matter were correctly recorded against the wider expenses return for the Conservative party as a whole.

Essex police received no allegations in relation to the other names you mention below, the time limit for any such allegations has expired, this relates to 1 year post the election unless an extension is granted in that period. Therefore no new investigation linked to the other names you list will commence.

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