ISBuC (v7) 2012
Holly Days
And about time too!
At last! They finally sacked that lazy cat. I told them it would come to no good, "Bobs Business? She's only interested in ripping the guts out of little critters, you'll never get any work out of her." I said, and well... I was right... of course.

And so I step up to my write-ful place, following in the pawprints of the late, great (fat) Pugwash and keeping you informed of the more interesting aspects of my life on the Croft.

To get us off to a good start let me introduce myself, my name's Holly. I moved in shortly after Pugwash moved up (or down) and since I've been around things have been running much more smoothly.

I'm usually very busy doing things, organising, ordering, collecting and checking where things are. Eating is not a high priority activity, unlike Pugwash, I just fit in power snacks between navigating, exercising my companions, shopping, cataloguing sticks, greeting strangers, etc, etc. Image means nothing, unlike Bob, I'm just too busy for anything other than a quick splash in the sea or a therapeutic grooming session for one of my companions, they love it.

It's nearly time for me to do something else, my pig, stick, dog, rope, fish and duck have gone missing, so I'll sign off for now with a special hello to the 4 Wahsis, Egon in particular, my special German friends. Woof.