ISBuC (v7) 2012
ISBuC Site Help
To help you look around and encourage you to stay
ISBuC pages are all designed using a similar layout.

To reveal the location of each item
move your mouse over the <O> 'EyeCon'
On each page you'll find a Menu Button <O> for accessing the different sections of our site.
Moving your mouse pointer over the Menu button will reveal the Section Menu <O>. Selecting an item in this menu reveals a list of all pages in this section.

The Section Heading <O> is colour coded and labeled according to the section you are browsing.

Every page is part of a section so you use the Section Navigator <O> to move around. The Index button lists all the pages in the current section. << and >> step backwards and forwards throught the pages in the currrent section.

Each page has at least one thumbnailed Picture <O>, so you can see what we mean, and a Heading <O> which tells you what the page is about.

If the page is associated with a particular area an Area Panel <O> is shown containing
        - the Area Heading <O> (linked to the area information page),
        - the Area Map <O> (if appropriate, the specific location is highlighted)
        - and the Area Links <O> to pages also associated with this area. (If appropriate, their
           location is revealed when the pointer is moved over a link).

If the page is not associated with an area then an Information Panel <O> is shown suggesting links to other pages on ISBuC.

The Location Map <O> is a quick click link to the ISBuC Area Map. If the page is associated with an area it will be highlighted here.

Shortcuts <O> give you easy access to a few of the more popular pages on ISBuC. If you still can't find what you're looking for then you should try our Site Search <O>