ISBuC (v7) 2012
Holly Days
Where have I been? I'm sorry, I've been terribly busy, lots of walks for the staff, staring at cows, collecting stuff, staring at sheep, teaching barking, staring at cats... it never ends. As if I didn't have enough on my plate, what with pig, stick, dog, rope, fish and duck, I've now got Portree and Oona to worry about.

Midge (see Archive Pugwash) turned up with her staff a few months ago and gave me a red and green bird, when you bite it it whistles, sounds like it's saying 'Portree, portree, portree'. My staff love it, I set it squawking and bring it to them and they get very excited and try to throw it somewhere I can't find it. Great fun and such good training for them. I think Portree's getting old, I left him out all night in the rain, now instead of whistling he just grumbles for a minute or so.

We found Oona on one of our long walks round the coast. She's a strange animal, one legged, with a tendency to run in circles and get stuck in ditches. She followed my staff all the way home and now lives in my field. They called her Oona, I've no idea why, and even though she's the biggest brightest thing on the croft they still have difficulty spotting her. They shout 'Where's Oona, where's she gone?' and I have to charge off down the field and drag her back by her one stumpy leg. After all that effort the man then gives her a good kick and she runs off down the field again, he must be scared of her.