ISBuC (v7) 2012
Holly Days
Hello. How wet are you? I'm really wet. It's been wet every day, all day for ages now. Wet ground, wet air, wet fur, wet bed, wet walks (they shrink) and wet work. I hate it, my helpers hate it, the cats hate it (OK, there is an up side).

Speaking of cats, I hate them by the way, I've been told that a new (old) lovely (cantankerous) lady cat is coming to live with us. Her name is 'Tea Room', what sort of a name is that? Does it mean Food Space?. We'll all need to be nice to her. Apparently she's getting a lovely private room with a heater, bed, toilet and dining area while she settles in. I bet it's not wet in there.

Or windy. How windy was it? Really windy. So windy that Oona left home. Don't know where she's living now. I miss her stumpy leg. So windy nobody got much sleep.

And cold. So cold my sticks all left home. No idea where they went.