ISBuC (v7) 2012
Holly Days. Windy!
'Oona came back, she was hiding in a ditch near where I live. I don't remember mentioning what I live in. It used to be a big metal box on two wheels, then it got windy and rained a lot. It was dark outside and the box got pushed and banged and rocked and wobbled until it went dark inside too. Something smashed and the wind and rain came in and my helpers ran about trying to push it all out again with a table. Then there was a loud bang and the top of the box disappeared.

My helpers got very excited at this point and decided to take me for a walk, unusually they tried to bring Bob & Hogan too... in a small box. When we went outside the man kept diving in the mud, droppng things until the box opened and the cats ran away, hooray. I like him, he makes me laugh. The walk was rubbish, we went straight to the stone box in the field and stayed there all night with the wind blowing and the roof banging and the rain dripping in.

The next day we had lots of visitors carrying things from the broken metal box to the stone one. Unfortunately the cats came back. Other stuff turned up in the field that I'd never seen before. I think it was a going away present from 'Oona'. I miss her.