ISBuC (v7) 2012
Pugwash Days
The Lost Day
Recently discovered lurking on a backup disk here we have one of the earliest Pugwash Days. The rest are lost in the ether... or are they?

The days are shorter and colder but the wind is stronger and fresher. Just right for rolling in stuff. Not so many walks now but at least Midge has gone home. Just too lively, jealous, big and hungry for my liking.

The Cheeky Beakies keep doing their stuff. Sid and Ducky, waddling and paddling, love this time of year and the weather it invariably brings.

Sid insists on acting tough and chasing me round the Car. I'm not really scared, I just let him think I am. Poor Cheese is confused and un-alarmed. He doesn't know when to wake us up anymore.

Bob, Hogan and Gillan hang around indoors all day, getting in the way, looking for snacks and sleeping on top of the fridge, apparently it's warm.

I just curl up in the corner of the office and wait for the nice one to come home. If I act all excited I'll get a fuss and some food. I think I hear her now.