ISBuC (v7) 2012
Pugwash Days
Smelly Cheese
If you've been listening, you'll know about Sid & Ducky going on holiday, Cheese being all confused and me feeling generally relieved at not being in danger of an attack of the Cheeky Beakies every time I decided to step outside.

Well it didn't last long. Now that Cheese doesn't have to share his food any more, he's turned rough and tough and tries to jump all over my head when I go outside. Everyone says he's cross because I'm trying to eat his scraps, but if he really wanted his food he'd inhale it all in one go, and then lie around groaning for the rest of the day like I do.

Apart from that minor moan, everything else is groovy, apart from the constant rain, lack of food, length of time between meals, the fact that the cats get fed in a separate room so I can't help them and recently the big ones keep making just the wrong amount of food at meal times. You know, nothing left-over.

Oh well! Life's hard, and then you find something smelly, shrivelled and tasty.