ISBuC (v7) 2012
Pugwash Days
On the beach
Hello again to all my loyal fans out there on the Internet. Yes, at last, spring is here. Now I can spend hours going in and out and in and out again just to check that nothing edible has fallen from the sky onto Skye.

I went to the beach recently. It's great fun. As we go down the road I have to bark at all the dogs we meet and everyone else helps by pulling my lead, shouting encouragement and leaping around. We spent quite a long time looking for dead smelly stuff to roll in and then went home.

I didn't feel too good afterwards though. My bed was acting strange and making my legs hurt so I couldn't get comfortable. Come to think of it, things have been getting pretty weird recently. I've noticed that the world's been quieter recently. Probably something to do with that annoying little cloud that's moved in with us. It has a real knack for standing right in front of anything I want to look at. Still, it doesn't seem to eat anything.