ISBuC (v7) 2012
Pugwash Days
Bed-time Blues
He's back. The biggest one left home for quite a long time and so I settled in and took over his spot on the bed, I could sit on the sofa with the smallest one and watch TV, in fact I could do what I wanted but now he's back.

I try and get in the bed between them but he just shouts and pushes me away. Why can't I stand on his head in the middle of the night? What's so wrong with putting my face very close to his and breathing on him until he wakes up? Some big ones, huh!

I wait until they're sleeping again and then I dig my way into the duvet by his feet. He doesn't like that either. He says he's not getting any proper sleep, well, I've got news for him. Neither am I matey. Just look at the bags under my eyes.

I have to spend the whole day sleeping just so I've got enough energy to spend another night trying to claim my rightful place in bed. When will he learn. He can't have everything his way. That's my dog-given right.

Well, goodnight until next time.