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Trekking In The Nepali Himalayas, 1998 2
by Ella Maughan
The Helambu trek was described as an intriguing trek from a social point of view, taking the trekker through interesting Nepali villages, but not possessing the fine views of some other regions. Well take a look at the photo above, if that's not a fine view I don't know what is!

This trek took us through a wide variety of terraine starting at 1350m, after this we basically went up hill for 3 days to Therapati at 3500m, 500m of which we walked in the snow and mist, following the footsteps of the local villagers. After a cold night in a tiny wooden lodge we were rewarded with a clear and sunny Himalayan panorama the following morning.

The next few days took us downhill to Kiul at 1500m and the 7th day was spent dragging ourselves up a dry riverbed. (I say dragging as walking on rocks for 4 hours is like never-ending step aerobics!) At this level the trek actually goes below the altitude of Kathmandu. So in a few days you walk from the snow and ice of Therapati to the semi-tropical banana growing country of Kiul and the Talamarang river. This trek forms a large circuit so it eventually returns to the starting point of Sundarigal. At only 15 minutes from Kathmandu, Sundarigal is cheap and easy to reach by bus or taxi.

The Helambu route was the perfect choice for our first trekking experience. We discovered some magical places and everywhere we went the Nepali people were friendly and welcoming. It enabled us to build up our fitness and gave us a taste for Nepal I don't think we'll ever get out of our systems! After a few days rest in Kathmandu we set off on our second trek, this time we chose a longer and more demanding route taking us right into the heart of the Himalayas. But that's another story