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Trekking In The Nepali Himalayas, 1998 4
by Ella Maughan
It is always important to adhere to the recommended precautions relating to altitude. Climbing too high, too fast can kill you. Good guidebooks will advise you on safe ways to adjust to altitude gain, how much altitude it is safe to gain in a day and how to spot and deal with altitude sickness. Another valuable source of information is the Kathmandu Environmental Education Project. KEEP runs an information centre aimed at trekkers. They can advise you on how to trek in a safe and environmentally and socially conscious manner.

Nepal is a beautiful and fascinating country with an inexhaustible range of activities to enjoy and places of historical and spiritual interest to explore. However it is also a country where poverty, environmental and population problems are extreme. Its culture and traditional Nepali values are also vastly different to those of the West. For these reasons it is important to behave respectfully and to act in a socially and environmentally conscious manner at all times.