ISBuC (v7) 2012
Virtual Christmas 2
by Geoff Holman
As your Virtual Christmas begins to take shape you may find that more complex dynamics kick-in and you see messages such as "husband snogging Denise from nextdoor" or "Great Uncle Ken karaoke alert". Boot husband and reboot Great Uncle Ken.

If you see a "Edith should not be running Whisky and Guinness sub-routines simultaneously" warning" or "granny at punchbowl again" alert refer to your readme.txt file for further instructions.

As the evening goes on this selection of useful links may help you to get more out of Virtual Christmas:

marriage guidance
State Dept/FBI/search./sig.bin?~conflict resolution
Obstructed airway/conscious_granny/heimlich_manoeuvre

Before the night's out remember to reformat the settee because that's probably where one of you will be sleeping. And remember to run this routine before you turn-in: Find dog. Replace dog in basket. Find cat. Reset cat flap. Turn-off tree lights. Run alka-seltzer. fizz. Save as Christmas Day.doc.

Have fun!