ISBuC (v7) 2012
New Wallpaper
'Invisible Mending'
... and again. ISBuC 6's served us well (and been neglected) for the past few years but its time had come.

A few well placed sheets of wallpaper, some retouching, rescaling, propping up, knocking down; the whole lot's been carefully reconstructed on a similar scale (now with extra parking meters, smoother transit systems and several new floors) using ultramodern materials to reveal ISBuC 7. Easier, quicker, healthier, better, buy one get one free, faster, greener (well blue/grey)... and more fun to play with, it's been a labour of... more work!

ISBuC 7 is still all about connections, traversing this, through that then, to them there. Pictures, people, places, business, property, history, wildlife, scenery, maps and Skye & Raasay, all entangled for your enlightenment and enjoyment.