ISBuC (v7) 2012
Problems, problems... by Ophelia Grief

Your pain is my gain
Tool Trouble
Dear Ophelia. I've been collecting old tools for a few years now and recently came across a couple of hole boring tools (awls) that I am unable to identify.

I enclose a photo, please, please, please help. Terry

Ophelia says: Oooh Terry you poor love. Our Barry had some just the same.

The first one, the finest and sharpest of all awls in common usage, if not handled carefully could give the owner a nasty 'sting'. The striped handle, usually brown and yellow (as in your fine specimen) was introduced to warn the user to handle with care. Not suprisingly it became known as 'the Bee'.

Your second (one of the finest examples of cleaved spletlock handlature I've ever seen) is best likened to a very fine countersink bit. It was used to finish or 'end' the rough edges of a hole started by any other type of awl.

So to sum up, they are the Bee Awl and End Awl.