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Skye Timeline 1401 - 1498

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1401: Donald of Harlaw's half brother Godfrey believed resident at Dun Sgathaich, Sleat.
1402: William MacLeod, 4th Chief, dies at Caisteal Camus, Sleat. His successor, John, is 10 years old .
1411: Donald of the Isles claims Earldom of Ross through his wife.
1424: Lord of the Isles forces defeated at the Battle of Harlaw, near Aberdeen, by the Earl of Mar. The title reverts to the crown.
1431: Caisteal Camus and Dun Sgathaich seized by royalist troops.
1431: James I of Scotland restores Lord of the Isles title to the mother of Alexander MacDonald.
1451: Johannes Gutenberg invents the movable type printing press.
1452: Leonardo Da Vinci born.
1455: Gutenberg Bible Printed.
1463: John MacDonald, 10th Lord of the Isles, grants land on Skye to his brother Hugh.
1469: Hugh of Sleat occupies Dun Sgathaich.
1469: MacDonalds offend the monarchy.
1476: John, Lord of the Isles, loses power to the King.
1480: Clan Ranald attacks Skye MacLeods.
1482: Angus Og MacDonald, son and heir of John, seizes Duntulm Castle on Trotternish.
1490: Angus Og dies, his estate being claimed by Hugh of Sleat.
1493: Lords of the Isles' power broken by James IV.
1498: Metropolitan Church of the Isles departs St Columba's Island, Skeabost, for Iona.
1498: Hugh of Sleat dies, succeeded by John.
1498: James IV unwilling to grant Trotternish to the MacDonalds. Stewerdship goes to Alasdair Crotach MacLeod, and the remainder, including Duntulm Castle, to Toquhil MacLeod of Lewis.

Courtesy of Geoff Holman