ISBuC (v7) 2012
Flowers (D)

Wild flowers of Skye - common names begining with D.
Daisy ~ Bellis perenis.
Description: Up to 20cm tall. White flowers with golden middle, 15-30mm across
Location: Grassy places
Flowering: March to October
Devils-bit Scabious ~ Succisa pratensis.
Description: Up to 100cm. Purple-pink-white flowers 4-7mm in a compact head 15-30mm across
Location: Damp grassland
Flowering: June to October
Dog Rose ~ Rosa canina.
Description: Deciduous shrub. Up to 500cm. White-pink flowers, petals 15-25mm
Location: Scrub, woodland
Flowering: June to July
Dog Violet ~ Viola riviniana.
Description: Up to 15cm. Blue-violet flowers 10-13mm
Location: Shady places, ditch banks
Flowering: April to June