ISBuC (v7) 2012
Flowers (Pink/Red)

A selection of wild flowers commonly found on the Isle of Skye
grouped by colour (pink/red) and ordered by flowering period.

Red Campion ~ Silene dioica.
Description: Up to 100cm. Pink flowers to 40mm
Location: Hedges, scrub and woodland
Flowering: March to November
Lousewort ~ Pedicularis sylvatica.
Description: Up to 25cm tall. Purplish leaves. Red/pink flowers 20-25mm.
Location: Heaths, moor and bog.
Flowering: April to July
Thrift ~ Armeria maritima.
Description: To 60cm. Flowers pink/white to 30mm
Location: Salt marsh, rocky grassland
Flowering: April to October
Ragged Robin ~ Lychnis flos-cuculi.
Description: Up to 90cm. Flowers pink to 40mm
Location: Damp ground
Flowering: May to August
Clover (Red) ~ Trifolium pratense.
Description: Up to 10cm. Flowers heads red/purple/pink to 40mm
Location: Moist well drained grassland
Flowering: May to October
Orchid (Heath Spotted) ~ Dactylorhiza maculata.
Description: Up to 60cm. White/pink/purple flowers to 20mm
Location: Damp grassland
Flowering: June to August
Marsh Willowherb ~ Epilobium palustre.
Description: Up to 70cm tall. Flowers pale pink/white 4-8mm
Location: Boggy ground
Flowering: June to August
Foxglove ~ Digitalis purpurea.
Description: Up to 180cm tall. Purple/pink/white bell shaped flowers 40-55mm
Location: Woodland and scrub
Flowering: June to September
Heather (Bell) ~ Erica cinerea.
Description: Evergreen shrub 15-75cm tall. Pale pink/purple flowers 4-7mm
Location: Heath, bog, wet, acid soils.
Flowering: July to September
Heather ~ Calluna vulgaris.
Description: Up to 150cm tall Pink/purple flowers 3-4mm
Location: Heath and moor
Flowering: July to September