ISBuC (v7) 2012
Flowers (V)

Wild flowers of Skye - common names begining with V.
Vetch (Bitter) ~ Lathyrus montanus.
Description: 15-50cm tall. Red-purple flowers 10-16mm long turning to red-brown seed pods 25-45mm long.
Location: Woodland, heaths, scrub.
Flowering: April to July
Vetch (Tufted) ~ Vicia cracca.
Description: Up to 100cm. Flowers to 12mm, blue/purple, 10 to 30 clustered on one side.
Location: Scrub, grassland
Flowering: June to August
Vetchling (Meadow) ~ Lathyrus pratensis.
Description: Up to 120cm. Yellow flowers to 16mm
Location: Damp grassland
Flowering: May to August