ISBuC (v7) 2012
Flowers (White/Pale)

A selection of wild flowers commonly found on the Isle of Skye
grouped by colour (white/pale) and ordered by flowering period.

Daisy ~ Bellis perenis.
Description: Up to 20cm tall. White flowers with golden middle, 15-30mm across
Location: Grassy places
Flowering: March to October
Cow Parsley ~ Anthriscus sylvestris.
Description: Up to 150cm. Purple stem. White clustered flowers
Location: Woods, hedges, shady places
Flowering: April to June
Three-cornered Leek ~ Allium triquetrum.
Description: Up to 45cm. Flowers white to 25mm
Location: Shady places
Flowering: April to June
Hare's-tail Cotton Sedge / Bog Cotton ~ Eriophorium vaginatum.
Description: Grass to 50cm. Cotton like fluffy head
Location: Boggy ground
Lady's Smock / Cuckoo Flower ~ Cardemine pratensis.
Description: Up to 55cm tall. Pale pink/purple/white flowers, petals 8-13mm.
Location: Damp grassland
Flowering: April to July
Clover (White) ~ Trifolium repens.
Description: Up to 20cm. Flower heads white/pale pink to 15mm
Location: Grassland
Flowering: April to October
Mayweed (Scentless) ~ Matricaria inodora.
Description: Up to 60cm. Flowers to 60mm. No perfume
Location: Wasteland and salty soil
Flowering: April to October
Meadowsweet ~ Filipendula ulmaria.
Description: Up to 200cm. Flower, white, heads to 25cm, flowers to 10mm
Location: Dry grassland
Flowering: May to August
Greater Sea-spurrey ~ Spergularia media.
Description: Up to 40cm. Pink/white flowers to 12mm
Location: Salty sand and mud
Flowering: May to September
Dog Rose ~ Rosa canina.
Description: Deciduous shrub. Up to 500cm. White-pink flowers, petals 15-25mm
Location: Scrub, woodland
Flowering: June to July
Eyebright ~ Euphrasia nemorosa.
Description: Up to 40cm. Hemiparasitic. White, yellow throated, purple streaked flowers 5-8.5mm
Location: Grassland
Flowering: June to October
Yarrow ~ Achillea millefolium.
Description: Up to 60 cm. Flowers white to 10mm, clumped
Location: Grassland
Flowering: June to November
White Stonecrop ~ Sedum album.
Description: Up to 12cm. White flowers to 10mm
Location: Dry soil, dunes and walls
Flowering: July to August
Sneezewort ~ Achillea ptarmica.
Description: Up to 150cm. White/cream flowers to 20mm
Location: Damp grassland, acid soil
Flowering: July to September
Wild Angelica ~ Angelica sylvestris.
Description: Up to 200cm. Flower heads pinkish white to 15cm across
Location: Damp places
Flowering: July to September