ISBuC (v7) 2012
Flowers (Yellow)

A selection of wild flowers commonly found on the Isle of Skye
grouped by colour (yellow) and ordered by flowering period.
Celandine (Lesser) ~ Ranunculus acris.
Description: Up to 30cm tall. Yellow, 8 to 12 petal, flowers to 50mm.
Location: Damp ground, hedges, woodland
Flowering: March to May
Marsh Marigold ~ Caltha palustris.
Description: Up to 60cm. Yellow flowers to 50mm
Location: Wet land
Flowering: March to August
Broom ~ Cytisus scoparius.
Description: Up to 200cm. Yellow flowers 20mm
Location: Heath and scrub
Flowering: April to June
Vetchling (Meadow) ~ Lathyrus pratensis.
Description: Up to 120cm. Yellow flowers to 16mm
Location: Damp grassland
Flowering: May to August
Buttercup (Creeping) ~ Ranunculus arvensis.
Description: Bright yellow flowers 20-30mm across, 5 petals. Long creeping runners.
Location: Damp areas, grassy and bare places.
Flowering: May to September
Yellow Iris / Yellow Flag ~ Iris pseudacorus.
Description: Up to 120cm. Flower yellow to 10cm across
Location: Wetlands
Flowering: June to July
Silverweed ~ Potentilla anserina.
Description: Creeping to 80cm. Yellow flowers to 30mm. Silvery sheen on leaves
Location: Anywhere, rock shore
Flowering: June to August
Cat's-ear (Long-rooted) ~ Hypochoeris radicata.
Description: Up to 100cm. Yellow flowers to 40mm.
Location: Dry grassland
Flowering: June to September
Tormentil ~ Potentilla erecta.
Description: Up to 30cm. Yellow, four petalled, flowers to 15mm
Location: Grassland
Flowering: June to September
Bog Asphodel ~ Narthecium ossifragum.
Description: Up to 45cm. Yellow flowers 20mm
Location: Mountain meadow, woodland
Flowering: July to August
Hairy St John's-wort ~ Hypericum hirsutum.
Description: Up to 100cm. Yellow flowers to 60mm
Location: Damp grass and woodland
Flowering: July to August
Ragwort ~ Senecio jacobaea.
Description: Up to 150cm. Yellow flowers to 20mm
Location: Damp meadow
Flowering: July to September