ISBuC (v7) 2012
Pugwash Days
Ducky (RIP) - Romping in Puddles
Well, they're gone. Sid & Ducky. They've not been seen for three days. One minute pecking my bum, next minute ... well ... not pecking my bum. Perhaps that small, pointy nose, red sheep with the big tail took them on holiday.

The big ones spent lots of time wandering around shouting "QUACK" and looking in ditches but nothing happened.'Cheese' looks crestfallen. (I'm rather proud of that terminologically correct use of the word. Not bad for a 14 year-old, or is it 98?) He's got no one to share his house with now and no one to go for walks with anymore.

'Charlie', who I haven't mentioned before, went looking for girls of a wooly persuasion the other day. He's big and tough and can jump anything (walls, fences, ditches etc). Caused quite a fuss, everyone up and down trying to find which field he was in. I like him, he only eats grass and he runs away when he sees me.

I've got to go now, it's food time which in my opinion isn't as often as it should be. I think that maybe 'Cheese' will have got himself a friend by the time I write next. Or maybe they'll be back. Bye.