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Breakish Area
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'Black Lochs'
Breakish Area Information

BREAKISH (Norse: Hill hollows)
The name Breakish could also refer to the killer disease, smallpox, which in the 17th and 18th centuries was prevalent in Skye. The word 'breac' may descibe the pock or hollow marks on the skin of a smallpox survivor. Breakish is thought to have had a high incidence of smallpox, presumably many recovered but were left with this unfortunate disfigurement.

HARAPOOL (Gaelic: Lord's settlement)
The road south from here crosses wild heather-moorland and passes the Black Lochs (black because of the peat particles suspended in the water) and the remains of huts used by cattle-herders. This is the road leading to the area known as Sleat, also called the Garden of Skye.

SKULAMUS (Norse: Skuli's moorland)

So called because many of the residents of this settlement fought in the Battle of Waterloo.