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Claigan Area
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'Coral Beach'
Claigan Area Information

.. The Coral Beaches
CLAIGAN (Gaelic: cultivated place)
An easy 1 mile walk along the coast brings you to the 'Coral Beaches'. The 'coral' is actually the chalky skeletal remains of sea-weed and a good mix of sea shells.

Locally there is also one of several souterrains to be found on Skye. Nobody knows what these underground passages were built for, although some recent excavations in Kilmuir look set to shed some light on this mystery. Of course imaginations run wild and many strange theories abound, the most fanciful, unlikely but endearing being the one about a race of very small people and their underground homes. ISBuC thinks it likely that they were used to store food.

The three islands visible 2 miles to the north, from left to right and largest to smallest, are Isay, Mingay and Clett.