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Staffin Area
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'North over Staffin'
BROGAIG (Norse: Burgh bay)

DIGG (Norse: Ditch or dyke)
William MacKensie, author of a book on Trotternish, tells of a Digg crofter who "got all his work done by the Flodigarry fairies. He was at a loss how to get rid of them. A neighbour told him to give them a seive and order them to bale the sea."

FLODIGARRY (Norse: Floating or flock enclosure)
The cottage standing next to the hotel is said to have been the home of Flora MacDonald, though this is disputed. She lived in Flodigarry for a number of years, and 5 of her 7 children were born here.

GARRAFAD (Gaelic: long wall or dyke)

GLASHVIN (Gaelic: green penny land)

STAFFIN (Norse: Rock pillar place)
Home of one of the few sandy beaches and the only laundrette on the north end.

STENSCHOLL (Norse: Stone slope)