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Suisnish Area
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'Ord to Suisnish'
Suisnish Area Information

Another of the many places on Skye that could justifiably claim to have the best views on the island, if not the world. Along the road between here and Tokavaig is an area of native woodland that is said to have been a place of special significance to the Druids.

SUISNISH (Norse: Seething point)
The land here, like that of Boreraig 2 miles east, was cleared in the 1850s. Resisting these changes the crofters of Suisnish were driven from their homes. Some men were arrested and marched to court in Inverness and, although they were found 'not guilty', they and their families were evicted a few months later. The factor for the area defended his masters actions, saying that Lord MacDonald had been 'prompted by motives of benevolence, piety and humanity' and had turned them from their homes because 'they (the people)had been too far from the church.' We're sure the families of Suisnish were very grateful for his concern!

TOKAVAIG (Norse: Swelling bay)
Dunsgaith Castle is reputed to have been a school for warriors who wanted to specialise in fighting with spears. The land between here and Ord is a National Nature Reserve.