ISBuC (v7) 2012
Skye Timeline 1550 - 1599

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1550: Wallpaper first arrives in Europe from China.
1565: The pencil is invented.
1569: Donald Gormson, 6th chief of Sleat, dies.
1573: Protestantism begins to emerge on Skye.
1577: Massacre of 395 MacDonalds in a cave on Eigg by MacLeods.
1578: MacDonalds from Uist burn MacLeods at worship in Trumpan Church, Waternish.
1580: Charter granted for a twice-yearly market in Portree.
1588: Spanish Armada badly effected by storms. Shipwrecked sailors land on Skye.
1595: James VI surveys revenue potential and fighting power in the Highlands.
1595: Joint MacDonald/MacLeod force aid Irish rebellion against Queen Elizabeth I.
1596: Donald Gorm Mor, 8th Chief of Sleat.
1596: Crown grants lands at Sleat and leases Trotternish lands to Donald Gorm Mor, provided Caisteal Camus is maintained for royal use.
1599: MacDonalds and MacLeods in conflict.

Courtesy of Geoff Holman