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Skye Timeline 1815 - 1832

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1815: First casks of salted herring exported from Scotland to Continent.
1815: Architect James Gillespie Graham designs Armadale Castle.
1816: Stethoscope invented.
1816: Road between Sligachan and Portree completed.
1819: First Macadamised Roads.
1819: Road between Portree and Uig completed.
1819: First steamship crosses the Atlantic.
1819: Geological map of Skye drawn.
1821: Electric motor invented.
1822: First steam ship sailing to Skye.
1822: First iron steamship launched.
1822: Iain Dubh MacCrimmon, last principal of the Borreraig piping school dies aged 92 and is buried in Kilmuir (Dunvegan) churchyard. Shortly beforehand he publishes a pamphlet entitled "The failure of Christianity". The clergy have a copy buried with him..
1823: Macintosh develops rubberized cotton.
1824: First modern map of Skye, drawn by William Thompson.
1824: Loch Chaluim Chile (St Columba's Loch) Trotternish, finally drained.
1824: James MacLeod, 11th chief of Raasay, dies. Succeeded by son John.
1825: Spanish barilla regains dominance as alkali precursor from locally harvested kelp.
1825: Stockton to Darlington Railway opened.
1827: Photographs produced on metal plates.
1828: Weekly trips to Skye's Spar Cave on the schooner/steamship hybrid Ben Lomond advertised in the Glasgow Herald..
1829: The Mary sails with 84 settlers to Prince Edward Island. The Mary Kennedy sails from Portree for Charlottetown with settlers mostly from Uig and Lyndale.
1829: Road from Stein to Sligachan, advised by Thomas Telford's report of 1805, completed.
1830: Talisker Distillery built.
1831: Turner paints Loch Corriskin.
1832: Morse code invented.

Courtesy of Geoff Holman