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The Trotternish Ridge 5
'Down to Storr Lochs'
Start: Quiraing car park. Uig - Staffin road.
Finish: Portree
Time: 12 - 20 hours
Rating: Difficult
Storr Lochs

.. The Old Man of Storr
-- The Trotternish Ridge 5
From The Storr head downhill to Bealach Mor where it is possible to follow a steep grassy slope down from the ridge and get onto the A855 to Portree.

The final summit of the Trotternish Ridge is Ben Dearg. It will be necessary to head west away from the ridge and the steep rocky slopes there to find a safe way to the summit. All that remains now is a descent and a final soggy stretch to Portree!

The Trotternish Ridge is an epic and unforgettable route, take plenty of food and drink - you will need the energy. There are a few streams on route, and a small, pretty waterfall near the start of the climb up Beinn Edra, but it's probably best to think in terms of carrying as much water as you can and topping it up as you go. (I think it's better to boil stream water in areas with lots of sheep.)

There are a number of possible permutations to this route, different starting points, long versions, and shorter versions; e.g. it is possible to walk from the Quiraing car park to the Storr car park. Some energetic souls have completed the route in one day, whereas I think it would be very enjoyable spread over three days, with two nights out.

There are a number of suitable starting points. It is possible to start in Duntulm on the A855, or from the road end at Connista. Loch Langaig would also be a pleasant place to start from.

When we followed this route we began in Kilmuir and made our way up to Loch Sneaosdal and over to the Quiraing car park although this is probably an unusual choice! I think taking the path from Loch Langaig into the Quiraing and then branching to the right to follow the cliff top route to the Quiraing car park would be a great way to start and you will have the satisfaction of being able to complete the whole ridge.

Of course it is equally possible to start from Portree.

Courtesy of Ella Maughan

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