ISBuC (v7) 2012
Flowers (Blue/Purple)

A selection of wild flowers commonly found on the Isle of Skye
grouped by colour (blue/purple) and ordered by flowering period.

Self-heal ~ Prunella vulgaris.
Description: Up to 50cm. Elaborate head from which blue/purple flowers 15mm
Location: Waste areas and grassland
Flowering: March to November
Dog Violet ~ Viola riviniana.
Description: Up to 15cm. Blue-violet flowers 10-13mm
Location: Shady places, ditch banks
Flowering: April to June
Orchid (Early Purple) ~ Orchis mascula.
Description: Up to 60cm tall. Purple spotted leaves. Pink-purple flowers 12-16mm.
Location: Woodland to grassland
Flowering: April to June
Vetch (Bitter) ~ Lathyrus montanus.
Description: 15-50cm tall. Red-purple flowers 10-16mm long turning to red-brown seed pods 25-45mm long.
Location: Woodland, heaths, scrub.
Flowering: April to July
Germander Speedwell ~ Veronica chamaedrys.
Description: Upt to 50cm tall. Blue flowers 8-12mm. 2 lines, white hair, opposite sides of stems.
Location: Grassland and woods.
Flowering: April to August
Butterwort ~ Pinguicula vulgaris.
Description: Up to 25cm tall. Purple/violet flowers 10-16mm. Insectivorous, using the sticky top surface of its pale leaves to trap small insects.
Location: Bogs, heaths, wet-rocks
Flowering: May to July
Water Forget-me-not ~ Mysotis scorpioides.
Description: Up to 100cm. Flowers blue, white/yellow center, to 8mm
Location: Standing in/by fresh water
Flowering: May to September
Vetch (Tufted) ~ Vicia cracca.
Description: Up to 100cm. Flowers to 12mm, blue/purple, 10 to 30 clustered on one side.
Location: Scrub, grassland
Flowering: June to August
Black Knapweed ~ Centaurea nigra.
Description: Up to 100cm tall. Purple flowers 20-40mm across
Location: Grassland
Flowering: June to September
Thistle (Marsh) ~ Cirsium palustre.
Description: Up to 150cm. Flowers purple, sometimes white, to 20mm
Location: Boggy ground and grassland
Flowering: June to September
Devils-bit Scabious ~ Succisa pratensis.
Description: Up to 100cm. Purple-pink-white flowers 4-7mm in a compact head 15-30mm across
Location: Damp grassland
Flowering: June to October
Thistle (Creeping) ~ Cirsium arvense.
Description: Up to 120cm tall. Purple flowers 20-40mm
Location: Grass/wasteland, cultivated areas.
Flowering: July to September
Thistle (Spear Plume) ~ Cirsium vulgare.
Description: Up to 300cm. Flowers purple/pink to 40mm
Location: Wasteland
Flowering: July to September
Water Mint ~ Mentha aquatica.
Description: Up to 90cm. Flower heads pale pink/purple to 20mm
Location: Wet places
Flowering: July to October