ISBuC (v7) 2012
Flowers (M)

Wild flowers of Skye - common names begining with M.
Marsh Marigold ~ Caltha palustris.
Description: Up to 60cm. Yellow flowers to 50mm
Location: Wet land
Flowering: March to August
Marsh Willowherb ~ Epilobium palustre.
Description: Up to 70cm tall. Flowers pale pink/white 4-8mm
Location: Boggy ground
Flowering: June to August
Mayweed (Scentless) ~ Matricaria inodora.
Description: Up to 60cm. Flowers to 60mm. No perfume
Location: Wasteland and salty soil
Flowering: April to October
Meadowsweet ~ Filipendula ulmaria.
Description: Up to 200cm. Flower, white, heads to 25cm, flowers to 10mm
Location: Dry grassland
Flowering: May to August