ISBuC (v7) 2012
Flowers (T)

Wild flowers of Skye - common names begining with T.
Three-cornered Leek ~ Allium triquetrum.
Description: Up to 45cm. Flowers white to 25mm
Location: Shady places
Flowering: April to June
Thrift ~ Armeria maritima.
Description: To 60cm. Flowers pink/white to 30mm
Location: Salt marsh, rocky grassland
Flowering: April to October
Tormentil ~ Potentilla erecta.
Description: Up to 30cm. Yellow, four petalled, flowers to 15mm
Location: Grassland
Flowering: June to September
Thistle (Creeping) ~ Cirsium arvense.
Description: Up to 120cm tall. Purple flowers 20-40mm
Location: Grass/wasteland, cultivated areas.
Flowering: July to September
Thistle (Marsh) ~ Cirsium palustre.
Description: Up to 150cm. Flowers purple, sometimes white, to 20mm
Location: Boggy ground and grassland
Flowering: June to September
Thistle (Spear Plume) ~ Cirsium vulgare.
Description: Up to 300cm. Flowers purple/pink to 40mm
Location: Wasteland
Flowering: July to September