ISBuC (v7) 2012
Flowers (W)

Wild flowers of Skye - common names begining with W.
Water Forget-me-not ~ Mysotis scorpioides.
Description: Up to 100cm. Flowers blue, white/yellow center, to 8mm
Location: Standing in/by fresh water
Flowering: May to September
Water Mint ~ Mentha aquatica.
Description: Up to 90cm. Flower heads pale pink/purple to 20mm
Location: Wet places
Flowering: July to October
White Stonecrop ~ Sedum album.
Description: Up to 12cm. White flowers to 10mm
Location: Dry soil, dunes and walls
Flowering: July to August
Wild Angelica ~ Angelica sylvestris.
Description: Up to 200cm. Flower heads pinkish white to 15cm across
Location: Damp places
Flowering: July to September