ISBuC (v7) 2012
Skye Timeline 1700 - 1723

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1700: First piano constructed.
1703: Unsuccessful attempt at commercial sea salt production in Sleat.
1703: Martin Martin's book A Description of the Western isles of Scotland published.
1704: Newton describes the principles of colour.
1707: Act of Union.
1709: Abraham Derby uses coke to smelt iron.
1712: The United Kingdom's last execution for witchcraft.
1712: School established at Kilmuir, Trotternish by the Society for the Propagation of Christian Knowledge.
1714: Farenheit invents mercury thermometer.
1714: Sir Donald MacDonald released, returns to Duntulm.
1715: Grand Ball held at Duntulm to honour those setting off in support of the Stuart cause.
1715: First attempt to drain Loch Chaluim Chille (St Columba's Loch) Trotternish.
1717: Government plans to build barracks at Bernera, Glenelg, one of four in the Highlands.
1718: Local crofting first mentioned.
1718: Sir Donald MacDonald dies at Duntulm.
1720: Young Sir Donald dies single, the last chief to live at Duntulm. Succeeded by his uncle James, then his son Alexander.
1722: Flora MacDonald born in South Uist.
1723: Bernera Barracks completed.

Courtesy of Geoff Holman