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Saint Columba
'Crimthan ~ Saint Columba (521 - 597)'

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Saint Columba visited Skye around 585. He is recorded and remembered mostly in association with the north end of Skye. Originally named Crimthan meaning 'wolf', his name was changed, for obvious reasons, to Columba meaning 'dove'.

Portree Bay used to be known as St Columba's Loch. Two places on Skye share the name Eileann Chaluim Chille meaning St Columba's Isle. One is the site of a ruined monastery in the district of Kilmuir and the other is a small tidal island off Penifiler, just south of Portree, with ruins of an old building, possibly a chapel.

St Columba's Island at the head of Loch Snizort near Skeabost has the remains of a chapel dedicated to the saint as have Trodaidh and Fladda Chuain, two islands to the north of Duntulm. He is probably the best known of the Saints associated with Skye.