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Kilmaluag Area
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'Duntulm Rainbow'
KILMALUAG (Gaelic: Moluag's cell, church or chapel)
The district encompassing the most northerly point of Skye.

BALMACQUEEN (Gaelic: MacQueen's place)

CONNISTA (Norse: High Farm)

DUNTULM (Gaelic: Fort Hill)
The wonderful natural defenses at Duntulm Castle, the ancient seat of the MacDonalds, clearly demonstrate why this piece of land has such a long record of settlement.

Once the site of a Pictish fortress and part of a chain of fortress settlements along the north coast. It became the headquarters of a powerful Viking warlord after the Norse invasion of the Isles. Later, Master of the Isles, Donald Gorm took Duntulm for his home and was responsible for a great deal of building and development of the castle.

The castle looks out over the Minch, and on a clear day affords spectacular views of the outer islands.

SHULISTA (Norse: Goose Farm)
Site of the first school in the north of Skye. The curriculum in 1610 was recorded as including Gaelic, English, Latin, Greek, Arithmetic and Navigation.

SOLITOTE (Gaelic: Ruin Hill)