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Kilmaluag Stones
'Rock of Ages'

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From the graveyard and site of St Moluag's church by Kilmaluag Bay in Trotternish take the track leading north west up the side of the hill. Over the brow you'll see, off to the right, a clearly visible arrangement of stones (Ordnance Survey Map 23, Grid Reference: 431756)

Closer observation reveals the remains of five or six old dwellings which appear to have been constructed from material robbed from an earlier structure. It's possible that these were erected in the 19th century by families displaced in the Clearances. Apparently of much greater antiquity are some large stone verticals and a capstone. This writer is not an archaeologist but the arrangement does suggest the remains of a chambered cairn. The amount of stone used in the dwellings and possibly in some of the nearby stane dykes, if mounded over the capped verticals, would create a substantial cairn.

More complete cairns are visible at the head of Loch Snizort Beag opposite Rhenetra and just off the main road half way between Dunvegan and Struan. In her treatise The Brochs, Duns and Enclosures of Skye archaeologist Anne Macsween identifies several possible iron age sites in North Skye. One of these, which she refers to as Dun Vannerain, is either this site or is located nearby.

The site is a short, easy walk from the graveyard car park. If you continue you come to the cliff path by which you can reach Duntulm coastguard lookout and Rubha Hunish (see Walks). Great views all around

Courtesy of Geoff Holman